Europeum + Think Visegrad

Europeum + Think Visegrad

Our mission

EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy is a non-pro?t, non-partisan, and independent think-tank focusing on European integration and cohesion. EUROPEUM contributes to democracy, security, stability, freedom, and solidarity across Europe as well as to active engagement of the Czech Republic in the European Union. EUROPEUM undertakes original research, organizes public events and educational activities, and formulates new ideas and recommendations to improve European and Czech policy making.


Our values

EUROPEUM is a non-partisan think-tank, not a?liated with any Czech or European political party or movement. Its ?nancing sources are transparent and its activities carried out without interference from its funders.

EUROPEUM implements its activities in close cooperation with like-minded partners, especially other Czech and European think-tanks and NGOs, other civil society actors and the media, in order to enhance their outreach.

EUROPEUM takes a ?rm responsibility and commitment to provide platforms for discussion and introduce new ideas about the EU. EUROPEUM’s responsibilities are towards stakeholders, the Czech society and the European Union as a community of citizens and values.

EUROPEUM ensures the high quality of its outputs and overall credibility of its work, by counting on trusted experts, by peer-reviewing of its publications, by the continuous exchange of know-how with other think-tanks and partners, and by conducting purely evidence-based research and analysis with academic rigour.


Areas of research

  • EU politics, institutions, and budgetary issues: Explaining and analysing their developments and their impact.
  • The EU in member states: Assessing expectations and building trust among citizens, the role of the Czech Republic and Central Europe in the EU, and fundamental underpinnings of EU unity.
  • Europe as a global actor: EU foreign and defence policy.
  • EU enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP).

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