Why Europe

Why Europe

About us

WhyEurope actually roots back to way before the 21st of July 2016, the official foundation date of our project.

Back then, we started off as three students who got to know each other in the small city of Freiburg located in the south-west of Germany.

Studying Liberal Arts, political sciences and economics, we came from diverse backgrounds. What we, however, shared was a high interest in the world-political ongoings as well as in exchanging our thoughts on them.

Having to see the EU-sceptics win the Brexit referendum in June 2016 as well as later on Trump succeeding in his campaigns strengthened our will and inner drive to becoming active ourselves.

What once were not more than fruitful and personally enriching debates among friends, developed more and more into the intention to realise the idea for a political social media project carrying an entirely pro-European message.

Over the past months, our team grew ? we currently count 20 team members spread over Germany, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Hungary, Spain, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Norway and Italy.


Mission Statement

The European Union has gone a long way. Once initiated as an economic community, it has evolved as a project of peace and nowadays lays a foundation for prosperity and progress even beyond the European continent.

In the recent years, there has been much trash-talking on the European Union. In contrast to justified criticism this does not contribute to enhancing our common future.

WhyEurope wants to encourage an open and critical discussion about the state of the union and its objectives without questioning its overall existence. We want to initiate a constructive debate about our life in Europe now and in the future.

For that, we strive to break down the (predominantly unknown) advantages of the European union for the individual so that each and everyone of us gets a concrete and comprehensive understanding of what it stands for, what it means for our every-day lives and what role we as citizens play in it.



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